Why Nice Teams Finish Last

Very often I hear from teams that everything is “fine”.  They don’t argue or really have any issues with each other.  Then I get them talking to each other and we learn there are problems, it’s just that no one is talking about them.

Too many teams think if they aren’t nice to each other they have to be mean.  I disagree. Instead, rethink your idea of “nice”.  Is it nice to let a teammate walk around with poppy seeds in her teeth?  No of course not.  It might be embarrassing to say something but it is nicer than not saying anything.  The same is true of any team or interpersonal problem.  Not talking about it is easy but isn’t nice.

Have a conversation with your team about what nice really means.  It will help them get on the road to talking about the things that are important rather than burying them until they explode.

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