About Stop the Drama!

If you have ever been on or worked with a female team you know how catty girls can be, the hurt it causes and how it rips through lives.

Doc Robyn has been on many teams mired in gossip, backstabbing, and catty behavior. She started the Stop The Drama! Campaign with the goal of teaching young women effective communication and productive conflict  skills they can use now and for the rest of their lives to address issues or problems, move past them and achieve more from their potential.

Young woman have only two choices when it comes to addressing difficult situations. 1) Behave  like the women on TV  – scream, cry, gossip, back-stab, even throw things. Or 2) They can try to be “assertive” like men. But when a woman behaves in an “assertive” manner she is often given that mean label that rhymes with witch. The Stop The Drama! Campaign fills the void between those two options by explaining why drama happens and what to do about it.

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