Doc Robyn Speaks to a Standing Room Only Crowd

Which Secrets to Success Have Never Been Shared With You?

Why do gossip, backstabbing, bickering and catty behavior happen and how can we make them stop?

What is a communication fingerprint and why is leaving it up to chance a critical mistake?

Why is drama so prevalent if everybody hates it and it can be stopped?

The 2 billion dollar a year executive coaching industry knows that productive conflict leads to success.  Do you know how to use it?

Teams that fail to reach their potential don’t use key strategies to high performance.  Are you using them?

To achieve more from your potential you must be powerful at one thing common to all human interactions.  Do you know what it is?

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These questions and many more are answered in the pages of Stop The Drama!  Don’t delay!  Get your copy today so you too can Stop The Drama! and achieve more from your potential!

Stop The Drama! The Ultimate Guide to Female Teams takes the strategies of leadership, teamwork, communication and conflict resolution usually reserved for large organizations and high level executive coaching and provides the approach  that Doc Robyn uses to help teams and individuals understand and eliminate the drama to achieve success.  Now you can learn and apply them from the comfort of home.  It is written with an athletic twist but any individual who understands that a coach is like a manager in an office or a parent in a home can apply these skills. Don’t pass on this opportunity to learn how to achieve all that is possible and risk leaving your greatness trapped inside.

If you learn only one thing that you use only once a day you will give yourself the potential to have over 18,000 more successful conversations over the course of your life. That is an investment of .0008 cents a conversation.  And that is if you only get one idea!  Most people gain so much more!

What a few people have said about Doc Robyn and Stop The Drama!:

“I think your book is awesome and every girl, and parent of girls, and every coach of girls, and employer of girls should read it.”  Don Lafferty – Positive Coaching Alliance Champion and father of 3 daughters.

“It is my wish that every young woman is afforded the opportunity to learn the life changing skills the Stop the Drama! Campaign provides.” – Kiki Johnson, former D-1 athlete, head JV field hockey coach Princeton Day School and founder of “Think You’re Fancy?”

Stop The Drama! is so easy to read! When I was first told to read it I thought it was going to be dry like a textbook. But it is actually fun and I love that I can just read the sections that apply to me. The stories are great and I learned a lot I didn’t know.” – Melody Young, student age 21

“I work with law students in addition to my private practice career counseling adults and the catty drama is rampant and destructive. Doc Robyn’s book will be a regular on my “must read” list for students and professionals. Cheers to her for addressing this most important facet of communication and professional co-existence with action steps that work.” Caroline Dowd-Higgins – Director of Career & Professional Development and Adjunct Faculty Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Bloomington, IN

“I have seen a positive difference, not only in how empowered and respectful my daughter is, but in her team and coaching staff as well.  The benefits she received from Doc Robyn will continue to contribute to her success for the rest of her life.” – Maddie Sands, Parent

“Just because Doc Robyn’s work has been mainly with female teams, don’t for a moment think her message doesn’t apply to you fellows — I saw tremendous benefit in her work for males as well.” – Roger E. Boswarva, Chairman & Founding Partner, Ability Consultants, Inc.