Doc Robyn – To be a Regular Contributor to WBCA Magazine

The Women’s Basketball Coaches Association has asked Doc Robyn to be a regular columnist for their national magazine.  She is looking forward to supporting coaches as they help their athletes achieve the most from their potential.  If you have a topic or question you would like Doc Robyn to write about, send us an email, [email protected]  You can learn more about the WBCA by following them on Twitter @wbca1981.

Dr. Gregory Cotton comments on Stop The Drama!

“Well DocRobyn, I would have to agree with you 100%. By the way, your book should be in the “must read” section…”

Sent via Twitter.

A Coach Shares Her Thoughts About Stop The Drama! via Twitter

“I have been sharing excerpts of the book with other coaches and colleagues and they have been very interested. This is GREAT stuff!!” –  @CoachBullard (Rachel Bullard)

Women’s Empowerment Summit

The Women’s Empowerment Summit is happening in New York City on Saturday, June 23, 2012 10am -4pm.  Doc Robyn is among the many expert speakers.  Join us for a day of interaction with many powerful, driven women!


A Great Time at the Kidsbridge Walk2Stop Bullying

Doc Robyn enjoyed volunteering at the refreshments table during the Walk2StopBullying.  Thanks to everyone who came up to say hello and offer their support for the Stop The Drama! Campaign

More Feedback for Stop The Drama!

Misty A. Velasques@MistyVelasques

@DocRobyn Enjoying your book, #StopTheDrama I am halfway through it. Hope to finish it this weekend. Margins are getting marked. : )

A Twitter Follower Loves the Book!

Adrianne Harlow@SIUCoachHarlow

@DocRobyn just finished your book. Excellent and a must read for all coaches of WBB. Thank you!!

Success with the Stop The Drama! Challenge

Doc Robyn –
Thank you very much for the wristbands. The girls wear them all the time! They have really enjoyed this program and it has done wonders for them! They enjoy joking at times, “switch the bracelet” when someone comes to practice upset about issues that do not involve softball. We discuss the steps and it is amazing how it has helped deal with situations.

Thank you. The swim coach is borrowing my book right now!

Shannon Whiting
Physical Education and Wellness
Varsity Softball Coach
John Bapst Memorial High School

Praise for Stop The Drama! Sent via Twitter

“I think your book is awesome and every girl, and parent of girls, and every coach of girls, and employer of girls should read it.”

Don Lafferty – Positive Coaching Alliance Champion and father of 3 daughters.

Doc Robyn Hits It Out of the Park With Stop The Drama! Presentation

“Doc Robyn hits it out of the park!” declared Beth Bass, the Executive Director of the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

The buzz around Dr. Robyn Odegaard’s Stop The Drama! learning lab, at the Association’s national convention in Denver, Colorado caused it to be a standing room only event.

•   Why do women’s teams engage in gossip, back-stabbing and catty behavior?
•   What can coaches do beside wait for their difficult team members to graduate?

Doc Robyn had the answers and shared them with 300+ coaches on Saturday.  The event was so popular Doc Robyn sold out of the books she brought with her and took orders for several more.

Congratulations to Doc Robyn and the Stop The Drama! Team for a successful event at WBCA12!

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