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for Playing Brave in Life





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Doc Robyn will customize her presentation for your event or team answering questions like:

    • Why does drama happen and what can you do to make it stop?
    • How can your team be come more mentally tough?
    • What does it take to be a great leader?
    • What is the difference between male and female communication DNA?
    • What is a communication fingerprint and how does it cause miscommunication?
    • How can you use productive conflict to achieve more from your potential?
    • How can you build a cohesive, successful team?
    • Why is how people lived thousands of years ago is still affecting how we communicate today?
    • What is the Black Box of Hope and why does it lead to miscommunication?
    • What can we do to ensure we have a conversation rather than a confrontation?
    • And many more!



Plus –

She will provide tips and ideas you can implement right away showing you how to:

            • Own your power
            • Resolve conflict
            • Control your controllables
            • Become a great leader and teammate
            • Discuss the problem not the person
            • Use productive conflict
            • Start achieving more from your potential
            • Increase your mental toughness



Contact us to determine Doc Robyn’s availability and start the conversation to make your next event the most interesting and informative ever!

If you have read Stop The Drama!, heard Doc Robyn on the radio or seen her on TV and have specific topics or ideas you would like her to include in her talk, please don’t hesitate to let us know!!