Stop the Drama! Manifesto

The Stop The Drama! Campaign has three main goals:

  1. To explain why women use gossip, backstabbing, cliques and catty behavior when confronted with conflict, while men resort to physical confrontation.
  2. To show why those methods of conflict resolution were useful hundreds of years ago, why they aren’t anymore and how they are limiting young women’s ability to be successful.
  3. To share the knowledge and skills essential for effective 21st century communication and productive conflict

The Stop The Drama! campaign is committed to sharing the secrets of success through great communication.  The campaign is not right for everyone.  Only those who are truly interested in reaching their peak performance will be able to use the Stop The Drama! message to achieve more from their potential.  If you are content at your current level, this isn’t for you.  And that is okay.  The Stop The Drama! campaign IS for you if you strive everyday to achieve even the slightest edge over your competition.  If that describes you, welcome.  You have come to the right place!