Assume the Positive – No-Fail Secrets series 4 of 7

Today’s secret is ‘assume the positive’.  It is really easy for us to make up and assume negative things about people.  “She’s out to get me.” “He is stupid.” “My coach doesn’t like me.”  As I often explain when I give keynote talks, most often people aren’t out to get you even if it feels that way.  When we go to talk to someone with a negative assumption they are likely to become defensive pretty quickly.  If we can make up something positive instead, “My coach is trying to make me a better player”, or at least neutral, “I wonder what is going on”, we are more likely to have a conversation than a confrontation.

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Why Are Women be SO Catty?


Why are women so catty?  The answer is twofold.  One – it is evolutionary.  Back at the dawn of time is used to make sense for women to try to push each other out of the group.  Being able to ostracize someone meant more resources for you and your family.  Secondly – we aren’t teaching young women anything different.  College, high school, junior high and even grade school girls are allowed to engage in gossip, backstabbing, catty behavior and bickering rather than being taught how to use productive conflict, ask for what they want by using language powerfully, have tough conversations when they are small and resolve disagreements.  That is why I founded the Stop The Drama! Campaign, to provide women and the men who work with them the skills they need to Stop The Drama!