Friends With My Roommate. Hateful to Me.

(As told to Doc Robyn)

My first semester in college I met a group of five people, two girls, their boyfriends and a third guy.  We’ll call him Keith.  I had two guy roommates and the eight of us (five guys and three girls) all started hanging out together.  Keith was the butt of a lot of jokes and I didn’t think his friends treated him very well.  When we hung out I would often ask him if he was okay because my feelings would have been hurt if my “friends” acted that way.

The trouble started when one of the girls in the group started telling me that Keith really liked me and that he wanted to date me.  It was like she was trying to convince me he was my type.  But the truth was, he was cool to hang out with in the group but I wasn’t interested in dating him. After several weeks of being shoved in his direction by this girl, I decided I needed to actually talk to him to make sure there was no misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

Keith and I went out and I explained that I thought he was a nice guy but I didn’t want to date him.  Keith was totally cool with the whole thing and thanked me for taking the time to sort it out and talk to him directly.  It seemed the girl had been telling him stuff too. Now Keith and I were on the same page so it was all good, case closed.  But it wasn’t closed.  It had only just started.

The girl started telling everyone I had lead Keith on, broken his heart, and that I was an awful person.  She got my roommates involved and started making everyone pick sides.  They could chose her and the “nice” people, or terrible, mean, hurtful me.  It got so bad my friends didn’t want to be seen speaking to me.  She would say anyone who would talk to me was obviously a very poor judge of character.  She even came to my house to visit my roommates and complained that I was there!  She expected me to leave my own home because she was visiting!

I ended up having to move out and the people who chose my “side” moved with me.  People who chose her “side” stopped speaking to everyone sharing the house with me.  If I never see that girl again it will be too soon.  She was so wicked and spread so many lies about me.

But the really funny thing – Keith and I are still friends.  He never had a problem with me at all.  The whole thing was because of that girl.

Do you know anyone who acts like that?  Do you think she really is a mean person or could there be something about the story we don’t know?  Let us know in the comments!

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