Note from a Coach

I really enjoyed your presentation at the end of November at the NFCA convention.  Just yesterday I did a presentation to our staff on the convention.  Your session was one I highlighted in my presentation as I felt the information applied to coaches of all sports.

After the presentation, the staff decided they would like to order some more copies of your book and have guided book group discussions.  Just wanted to thank you again for your presentation and helping coaches of female teams (such as us) better understand how to effectively lead our young women.

Head Softball Coach
College of Saint Benedict

Assume the Positive – No-Fail Secrets series 4 of 7

Today’s secret is ‘assume the positive’.  It is really easy for us to make up and assume negative things about people.  “She’s out to get me.” “He is stupid.” “My coach doesn’t like me.”  As I often explain when I give keynote talks, most often people aren’t out to get you even if it feels that way.  When we go to talk to someone with a negative assumption they are likely to become defensive pretty quickly.  If we can make up something positive instead, “My coach is trying to make me a better player”, or at least neutral, “I wonder what is going on”, we are more likely to have a conversation than a confrontation.

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I look forward to seeing you again in future videos and I wish you the most from your potential